Industrial Price 20 Ton oil fired Boiler Azerbaijan

2021 / Dec / Mon
The price of a 20 Ton oil-fired boiler is about $9,999.00-$39,999.00. Generally, the fuel used in oil-fired boilers includes kerosene, light oil, heavy oil and other fuels, mainly related to the chemical industry, plastics industry, paint and automobile industry, asphalt industry, construction equipment industry, shipbuilding industry, clothing, washing, ironing, etc. Perm, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, food industry, sauna and beauty, hotels, restaurants, sports, fitness, schools and other related places.

WNS series oil-fired boilers were invented by FANGKUAI boilers and are one of the implementation sub-projects awarded by the World Bank GEF High-efficiency Environmental Protection Boiler Project. The technical indicators of WNS fuel gas boiler are developed by our company in cooperation with Germany. It has reached the world's advanced level and is also at the leading level in the domestic boiler industry.

WNS series industrial oil and gas boilers are fire-tube three-pass boilers, adopting the world's most mutual three-pass full-wet back structure and horizontal layout. Fully automatic boiler operation, after the fuel is atomized by the burner, the wave furnace is full of fire, and the radiant heat is transferred through the furnace. This is the first pass. A group of high-temperature flue gas will form in the combustion chamber, and then enter the second channel, the threaded tube bundle area. After convective heat exchange, the temperature of the flue gas is gradually reduced to behind the front smoke box, where it moves into the third loop tube bundle area, and then the flue gas enters the box after entering the atmosphere through the chimney.

In addition, this series of boilers are equipped with world-famous burners, advanced control panels (imported main components), high-quality brand valves and pumps, and reliable boiler accessories to ensure safe operation and improve the overall quality of the boiler. This series of boilers are more humane, safer, and fully automatic intelligent control, featuring high efficiency, energy saving, easy maintenance, and durability.