10 tons of fuel steam boiler in congo

2021 / Dec / Fri
Generally, the fuels that can be used for steam boilers are petroleum, natural gas, light oil, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas, compressed natural gas, diesel, biogas, etc. Oil-fired steam boilers are mainly used in chemical, food and brewery, pharmaceuticals, packaging plants, textile printing and dyeing industries, swimming pools, hospitals, schools, clothing and other industries.

The capacity of Fangkuai WNS series fuel gas steam boiler is between 1ton-120ton, and the efficiency of the boiler can reach 96% during operation. The WNS series is a classic shell-type steam boiler with a fire tube, wet back, and 3-pass design. The average thermal efficiency is >95%, and the designed working life is more than 15 years. Equipped with BALTUR/RIELLO-burner, DANFOSS-pressure controller, SIEMENS-PLC operating system, LEO-multi-stage pump and other well-known auxiliary components to ensure stable boiler performance.

Advantages of Fangkuai WNS series fuel gas steam boiler:

1. Energy saving 90% and high efficiency: Reasonable design, including three-stroke flue design, full wet back design, 100% furnace corrugated design, and 100% water-filled fire overall design to ensure higher efficiency than ordinary boilers.

2. Convenient maintenance: front and rear movable smoke box doors, fire observation holes, inspection and cleaning inspection holes, manholes, hand holes and head holes, and the boiler body that makes maintenance more convenient.

3. Environmental protection: Adopt high-quality imported burners, which can burn out the fuel and reduce emissions.

4. Large steam capacity: adaptable to load changes, stable output, large volume of steam space, large enough net space for the interface between steam water and steam outlet, and low steam humidity.

5. Safety: reliable pressure and water level protection; multiple protections for boiler pressure and water level, and over-smoke temperature protection to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

6. Automatic: equipped with high-quality and high-performance controllers.