Gas Fire Tube Boiler for the food industry

2021 / Dec / Wed
Fire tube boilers can use a variety of fuels such as natural gas , coal gas, light oil, heavy oil, and biomass. Gas boilers are often used in food processing plants, paper mills, pharmaceutical plants, tobacco plants, printing plants, textile plants, restaurants, laundry rooms, hospitals, saunas and other fields.

The combustion chamber of the Fangkuai WNS series oil and gas fire tube boiler adopts a corrugated furnace, a tempering chamber, and a wet back structure to prevent high-temperature flue gas and hot passengers from scouring the tube to cause burns and ensure the safe operation of the boiler. And the large-volume combustion chamber design, equipped with world-famous burners, better combustion, more efficient combustion, lower boiler failure rate, and adopts HIT Light Institute heat flow resistance technology, the boiler has a large heating area, high thermal efficiency, and uses a variety of over-temperatures. Protection, overpressure, water shortage, leak detection, flame, etc., realize automatic unattended operation, so that the boiler can operate safely and reliably.

Advantages of Fangkuai gas boiler:

1. It adopts the tried-and-tested three-pass wet back structure, which is safer and more reliable.

2. Large combustion chamber design: increase the radiant heating area of ​​the furnace, reduce the volume of the boiler, and reduce NOx emissions.

3. The corrugated furnace makes the boiler safer.

4. Threaded tube: strengthen heat transfer and improve boiler thermal efficiency.

5. Multi-level sealing of flue gas chamber: no flue gas leakage.

6. The boiler control system can operate for a long time in a high temperature and high humidity environment.

7. Multi-level protection such as boiler pressure and gas pressure protection.

8. High-efficiency insulation materials, low boiler surface temperature, and negligible heat loss.

9. Produced in accordance with national standards, and all pressure components are made of high-quality steel.

10. Before leaving the factory, each boiler must undergo strict inspection and testing, including water pressure test and X-ray inspection.

11. Choose the burner that is most suitable for the boiler to ensure safety and reach the rated output.

12. All components such as pumps and valves are restricted to international or domestic well-known brands.