10t Gas Boiler Machine Industrial Latvia

2021 / Dec / Tue
The fuel of gas boilers used in the machinery industry can be natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, biogas, coal gas and other fuels. Generally, gas boilers are often used in various industrial and civil fields such as machinery factories, chemical plants, textile factories, hotels, laundry rooms, slaughterhouses, food and beverage processing plants, and so on.

Fangkuai WNS series fuel gas steam boiler adopts fire tube wet back structure to ensure the safe operation of the boiler and prolong its service life. The boiler is equipped with a European-style burner, and the fuel combustion can be automatically adjusted to save energy, while reducing dust emissions, SO2 emissions and NOx emissions. In addition, the boiler is equipped with an energy-saving device, which can increase the thermal efficiency of the boiler by more than 2-3% and reduce the exhaust gas temperature.

Advantages of Fangkuai WNS series fuel gas steam boiler:

1. It adopts the most mature three-way full wet back structure in the world, which is safe and reliable.

2. The furnace tube adopts corrugated furnace flue gas, which enhances the immunity and increases the radiation heat transfer area;

3. Not only increases the rigidity of the furnace, but also effectively reduces the thermal stress of the furnace.

4. Enhance the heat transfer effect and promote the combustion of fuel in the combustion chamber,

5. The overall heating is arranged symmetrically, the structure is strong, and the water circulation system is reasonable.

6. In terms of the water capacity of the boiler tube, the steam space is large, the steam quality is good, and the water level fluctuation during operation is small.

7. The large distance between the two POTS tanks and the large pipe diameter ensure good natural circulation. The unique setting and heating and flushing method of the flue gas furnace minimize the heat loss of the boiler.