8T Steam Boiler For Industry

2021 / Oct / Mon
The price of 8T Steam Boiler For Industry is between $10,000-$100,000. According to different fuels, the boiler models are mainly divided into gas/oil-fired industrial steam boilers-WNS type, coal-fired steam boilers-DZL type, Material (wood, straw, sawdust, etc.) burning steam boiler---DZH/SZL/SZH model.

Fangkuai DZL series new water-fire tube boiler is a new type of environmental protection and energy-saving product jointly developed by our company and well-known boiler expert, professor of Harbin Institute of Technology, and director of Beijing Light Boiler Research Institute Professor Li Zhiguang. It is called a revolution of industrial boilers by domestic and foreign experts. The advanced water circulation technology is adopted to increase the water circulation speed in the high temperature zone, increase the bottom water flow, and avoid debris deposits and scaling, and the water quality is more adaptable than other furnaces.

Advantages of Fangkuai DZL series new water-fire tube boiler:

1. Using low-pressure and high-temperature heating medium, it is convenient to adjust, heat evenly, and meet the precise process temperature.

2. Liquid circulation heat, no condensation heat loss and discharge, and the heating system has high thermal efficiency.

3. Compensation measures for the heat, heat and temperature fluctuation of the working medium to the volume change in the system.

4. Technical measures to strictly control low volatile content such as air and water before circulating the heat medium.

5. The boiler has a fully wet back three-inverse chamber design, and the thermal efficiency can be as high as 98% or more.

6. The boiler is equipped with high safety pressure and water level alarm equipment, and advanced automatic PLC control.

Fangkuai's full integration produces the most efficient boiler solution in the world. Completely designed, engineered, manufactured, integrated and serviced by our team, our system does not have a single outsourced component to compromise compatibility or performance. If you are looking for the best quality boiler system with the lowest emissions and highest efficiency, then you are looking for Fangku