Gas Boiler VS Oil Boiler VS Electric Boiler

2022 / May / Wed
Gas fuels, oil fuels, electric energy, coal fuels, biomass fuels, etc. are all types of fuels suitable for boilers. Combined with the overall environmental conditions in our country, gas boilers, oil-fired boilers and electric boilers are the most practical boiler products at present. In the case of coal boilers, it is very likely that the boilers will not be able to start work, and a lot of money will be wasted.

oil vs gas boiler

Fangkuai boiler brand starts from the three types of boilers, gas boilers, oil boilers and electric boilers, to talk about which fuel type boiler is better to choose.

1. Gas boiler refers to a boiler that uses gas as fuel. After heating the water in the boiler into hot water, it outputs high-temperature steam or high-temperature hot water according to user needs. Gas boilers have certain requirements for use sites and boiler rooms, such as: boiler room space, ventilation, etc. The gas boilers of Fangkuai Boiler brand use self-developed and manufactured corrugated furnaces and threaded smoke pipes, which have better heat exchange performance and output steam or hot water of high quality.

2. The safety factor of oil-fired boilers is relatively high, and there are many channels for obtaining fuel. It can be said that there is no pressure to use in most areas of my country. But it has to be said that because of the rise in crude oil prices, the fuel cost of oil-fired boilers is getting higher and higher, which is also a problem to be considered by the unit demand of boilers.

3. Electric boilers are boiler equipment that uses electricity as energy and converts electrical energy into heat energy. In the process of energy conversion, there is no need to supply the air and fuel required for incineration, and no waste gas, waste residue, waste, etc. are discharged. Electric power is also one of the three types of clean power vigorously promoted in my country, and the use of electric boilers is in full compliance with the national environmental protection policy requirements.

In fact, according to the brand of Fangkuai boilers, gas boilers, oil boilers, and electric boilers have their own advantages and disadvantages, but it is undeniable that they are all boilers with excellent functions, which emit light and heat in all walks of life. Which type to choose depends on your own needs.