Quotation of 0.7MW electric boiler

2021 / Aug / Tue
The price of a 0.7MW electric boiler is between $8,000-$90,000. Electric boilers of different specifications have different prices. Fangkuai electric boiler is highly efficient and energy-saving, and the price is favorable. It is your best choice.

Fangkuai electric boilers can be applied to hotels, building materials stores, manufacturing plants, food and beverage plants, construction projects, food and beverages and other industries. The boiler is composed of furnace, water supply, automatic control, heating and safety protection systems. It uses electricity to generate heat and steam at a certain pressure. It has the characteristics of convenient use, simple operation, economical and practical, and a wide range of applications.

Fangkuai electric boiler uses self-developed automatic sewage system and scale alarm system. When the concentration exceeds the limit value, the discharge solenoid valve is automatically opened to realize automatic discharge. At the same time, the water pump starts to inject pure water again to avoid scaling on the heated surface. The unique patented scale alarm technology monitors the formation of scale on the heating surface in real time. Once it is found that the scale on the heating surface exceeds the standard, the alarm system will be activated immediately.

FANGKUAI Boiler Manufacturer have high-quality electric boilers, it can output high temperature steam and hot water. With the advantages of no pollution, no noise, no heat loss, the thermal efficiency of electric boiler is over 98%, and it has strict safety protection system. Welcome to consult.