Energy-saving gas hot water boiler

2022 / May / Thu
In the face of endless gas-fired hot water boiler brands and products on the market, how do you identify the gas-fired hot water boiler that truly meets the needs of users for energy conservation and environmental protection? The technical engineer of Fangkuai Boiler brand told everyone that we might as well start from the structure of the boiler body. The gas-fired hot water boiler consists of three parts, pot (heat exchanger) + furnace (burner) + controller. To see whether the gas hot water boiler is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, it mainly depends on the performance of the boiler heat exchange system and combustion system.

energy-saving gas hot water boiler

1. Heat exchange system of gas hot water boiler
       According to the manufacturing material, gas-fired hot water boilers can be roughly divided into: copper tube boilers, steel boilers and cast iron boilers. Among them, copper tube boilers have better energy-saving effect, because the thermal conductivity of copper is 7 times that of ordinary steel. Eight times that of cast iron and the same heat exchange area, the heat exchange efficiency of copper heat exchangers is much higher than that of heat exchangers of other materials. Moreover, the metal activity of copper is low, and its corrosion resistance is stronger than that of ordinary steel and cast iron. In addition to the material, the heat exchange time and heat exchange area of ​​the boiler will also affect the heat exchange efficiency. The heat exchanger of the condensing gas hot water boiler of the Fangkuai Boiler brand adopts a multi-return room design, and each heat exchange tube also adopts a heat exchange There are more finned tubes on the surface, which are all to improve the heat exchange efficiency of the boiler.

2. Combustion system of gas hot water boiler
       The combustion system is the key to determine whether the boiler equipment is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. At present, the common combustion methods are: full premix, atmospheric premix and diffusion combustion. The first is the method that is currently recognized by the industry as the highest combustion efficiency and can achieve lower nitrogen and environmentally friendly combustion. The gas-fired hot water boiler of Fangkuai Boiler brand adopts this combustion technology. In actual use, it not only makes the combustion more sufficient and the nitrogen oxide emission is lower than the emission standard, but also makes the thermal efficiency not change with the operating power and external conditions. And attenuation, the boiler efficiency is as high as 95% or more without attenuation, which truly achieves energy saving and environmental protection.

Regarding the selection of gas-fired hot water boilers, it is simple and simple, complex and complicated. The most critical issue in the selection is to combine its own heating needs and characteristics, and to ensure the quality of boiler products.