Retrofit of Gas Steam Boiler

2022 / May / Mon
Natural gas is currently recognized as the cleanest fuel, and it is also the fuel with the least pollution after combustion. It is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Compared with coal-fired boilers, the installation and operating costs are relatively low. However, combined with my country's current strict environmental protection policies, Beijing has begun to implement the emission standard of less than 30 mg, and ordinary gas-fired steam boilers are also facing low-nitrogen transformation.

Retrofit of Gas Steam Boiler

What problems should be paid attention to in the transformation of gas steam boilers? Fangkuai boiler brand to tell you.

       1. The smooth flow of flue gas should be guaranteed.

       2. The burner should be set at the height of the center of the furnace, with sufficient combustion space and length.

       3. Insulate the parts exposed in the furnace, and control the smoke temperature at the entrance of the tube sheet of the fire tube boiler to prevent tube sheet cracks.

       4. The furnace walls of various water-pipe and water-fire-tube gas-fired boilers are basically built with refractory bricks, plus thermal insulation materials and guard plates.

       5. The furnace of coal-fired boilers is generally larger than that of gas-fired boilers, and there is enough combustion space. After transformation, the amount of gas can be increased without affecting the combustion conditions.

       6. Remove the slag machine chain grate, gearbox and other equipment of the coal-fired boiler during the renovation.

       7. Determine the geometric size of the furnace and the center position of the flame in the furnace by calculating the heat transfer of the furnace.

       8. The steam boiler is equipped with explosion-proof doors.