10 ton Fire Tube Steam Boiler Price for sale

2021 / Dec / Thu
Generally, steam boilers are often used in many industrial and civil fields such as paper mills, pharmaceutical factories, tobacco factories, printing factories, textile factories, restaurants, laundry rooms, hospitals, sauna rooms, and so on. Fire tube steam boilers can use a variety of fuels such as natural gas, liquefied gas, light oil, heavy oil, and biomass. The selling price of 10 Ton fire tube steam boiler is about $6,000.00-100,000.00.

Fangkuai vertical fuel (gas) fire tube steam boiler is a fire tube vertical boiler, which is a new patented technology boiler independently developed by our company. Lower fuel consumption. Lower power consumption. Low heat loss. The boiler is a fully trimmed, packaged boiler and does not require additional fuel train items or wires. Located in Sheung Wan, there is a large-capacity boiler steam room with separate measures for pots and underwater steam to ensure the supply of high-quality steam. Effectively increase the heat transfer to the gas water heater, improve the thermal efficiency, and have a good energy-saving effect. Start fast, reach high temperature and high pressure in a short time. Natural circulation, can tolerate different temperatures. Water level, steam pressure, etc. A variety of chain protection methods. The structural design is perfect and excellent, and the installation area is small.

Advantages of Fangkuai fire tube fire tube steam boiler:

1. It adopts the tried-and-tested three-pass wet back structure, which is safer and more reliable.

2. Large combustion chamber design: increase the radiant heating area of ​​the furnace, reduce the boiler volume, and reduce NOx emissions.

3. The corrugated furnace makes the boiler safer.

4. Threaded tube: strengthen heat transfer and improve boiler thermal efficiency.

5. Multi-level sealing of flue gas chamber: no flue gas leakage.

6. The boiler control system can operate for a long time under high temperature and high humidity environment.

7. Multi-level protection such as boiler pressure and gas pressure protection.