1t Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler Commercial Cheap

2021 / Dec / Fri
Generally, hot water boilers can use various fuels such as coal, natural gas, petroleum, and biomass. Coal-fired hot water boilers are often used in civil fields such as heating, bathing centers, restaurants, hotels, and industrial fields such as chemical plants, breeding farms, and feed factories. The price of a 1 ton commercial coal-fired hot water boiler is about $999.00-$6,000.00. Purchases are welcome.

Fangkuai SZL series coal-fired hot water boiler is currently the most advanced hot water tube boiler in China. It is sturdy, efficient, small in size and large in size, and has a long service life. The improved boiler adopts a number of advanced technologies such as wing flue, one-way threaded smoke pipe, arched tube sheet, and flue gas separation chamber to improve the load-bearing condition of the boiler. It can increase the circulating water flow rate and improve the safety factor.

Advantages of Fangkuai coal-fired hot water boiler:

1. Reasonable design: the upper and lower round water collecting tanks and two rows of decorative risers along the circumference form a circular chamber, which has strong radiant heat transfer. The two rows make the tube group form a narrow circular channel, and the flushing heat transfer effect is very good.

2. Simple operation: The boiler belongs to the boiler, with the characteristics of the natural circulation sub-engineering boiler, the water level is intuitive and intuitive, and any person with a fire fighting operation certificate can operate it.

3. Fast, high-efficiency, high-grade realization in 8 minutes: steam ignition; diesel-fired boiler efficiency can reach 88%, equipped with high-performance water separator, steam quality is good.

4. Light weight, fast loading, low pollution: light weight, small area, low construction cost, high degree of automation, the whole plant, easy to install, need to line, connect difficult pipelines, power supply, and then put it into operation , Using high burner, complete combustion, no air pollution, low noise.

5. Advanced supporting equipment: supporting imported automatic water softener pressure gauge; supporting imported automatic burner, supporting the latest domestic technology, photoelectric water level control interlocking protection device, and providing saturated steam. The exhaust temperature is low.