4t Gas Steam Boiler Industrial Supplier

2021 / Nov / Fri
4 ton gas-fired steam boiler can use a variety of fuels such as natural gas, liquefied gas, coal gas and so on. Gas-fired steam boilers are usually used in chemical plants, power plants, bath heating, hotels and other fields.

Fangkuai WNS gas and oil-fired boilers are mainly composed of the boiler body, connecting flue pipes, burners, steam systems, instruments, energy savers, condensers, etc. It is a combined boiler with high efficiency, strong overload capacity and convenient installation and maintenance.

A gas-fired steam boiler is different from a coal-fired boiler in that it needs to use a burner to inject fuel into the boiler hearth and does not have a grate. Since the oil and gas boiler does not produce ash and slag after combustion, the grate is not required. The oil-gas boiler sprayed into the furnace is mixed with air to a certain extent, and it is possible to detect it. Therefore, the oil and gas boilers have adopted the automobile combustion control system. It is a compact machine with a small boiler body, ventilation device, water feeder, control and auxiliary equipment all connected in a power distribution cabinet.

Advantages of Fangkuai gas steam boiler:

1. High-efficiency three-return design, large combustion chamber and full fuel combustion.

2. Wet back structure, high reliability and low maintenance cost.

3. The structure of corrugated hearth and spiral corrugated tube enhances thermal efficiency.

4. High-efficiency heat insulation materials, with an efficiency of up to 95%.

5. Equipped with imported burners. Burner brands: Weishaupt, Italy, Baltur, Riello, etc.

6. Sturdy, reliable and unparalleled durability.

7. Multiple protections for over-temperature, over-pressure, water shortage and flameout are safe and reliable.

8. PLC control system, fully automatic operation.