The price of 2 tons of oil fire tube steam boiler

2021 / Sep / Sun
The price of a 2 ton fuel-fired fire tube steam boiler is about $20,000-$50,000. It can be used in textile mills, food and beverage, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, light industry, rubber plants, printing and dyeing plants, paper mills, wood processing plants, clothing and laundry Stores and other fields.

The main characteristics of fire tube steam boilers are mainly divided into the following points:

1. The overall structure is reasonable and compact, which belongs to the combined steam boiler, which meets the conditions of quick installation and delivery. The steam boiler is composed of three parts when it leaves the factory; the main steam boiler, the chimney and the piping system, the main engine and chimney components are manufactured in the factory, and the piping valves and instruments matching the main boiler are installed randomly, and then transported to the site to assemble the main engine and the chimney. The on-site connection of air source, power supply, and water pipes to start the test greatly shortens the installation cycle and guarantees product quality.

2. Advanced design performance. The main boiler is an integral structure, the burner is assembled on the front smoke box cover, and the main body is provided with a heating surface and a burner. The structure is reasonable, compact, low steel consumption, the furnace adopts an offset wave furnace, the insulation layer adopts new lightweight insulation materials, the outer packaging adopts color plates, and the appearance packaging is a rectangular parallelepiped. The performance, weight, structure size and appearance of the boiler are similar to those of domestic products. It has obvious advancement and advancement. Look and feel. The boiler water supply equipment is installed on the boiler base on the right side of the boiler, and can be integrated with the main engine without additional foundation.

3. The water circulation of the steam boiler in our plant is simple, the structure of the pressure parts is reasonable, and the operation is safe under the condition of ensuring the water quality.

4. Complete supporting equipment and advanced comprehensive technical performance.

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