Why do heating users choose vacuum hot water boilers?

2022 / Jan / Thu
Vacuum hot water boilers are the boiler equipment favored by many heating users, such as hotels, residential buildings, shopping malls, office units and other places. Vacuum hot water boilers have been widely used, which can be said to be a good helper in people's lives. So, what are the advantages of vacuum hot water boilers, and why do heating users choose it? Fangkuai Boiler takes you close to the vacuum hot water boiler to understand the mystery.

1. Safe and reliable
       During the operation of a high-quality vacuum hot water boiler, the internal pressure is within an artificially set range, so that the internal gas is in a vacuum state. risk of external explosion. This design not only ensures the safety of electrical appliances, but also avoids a series of unnecessary losses and troubles caused by water shortage.

2. Energy saving and money saving
       The vacuum hot water boiler with stable performance operates in a vacuum state, which effectively improves the conversion of thermal efficiency. The boiler body adopts a three-return wet-back design, which greatly increases the radiation area and convection heat exchange area, and the energy saving of the boiler is enhanced again. The use of vacuum hot water boilers not only reduces the stress in one's life, but also achieves the concept of environmental protection, which can be regarded as a contribution to environmental protection.

3. Easy to transport
       The vacuum hot water boiler uses a modular design, which can not only achieve high-performance heat exchange, but also the unit is small in size, making it easier to transport; the boiler can also be combined with multiple units in parallel, and users can choose according to their own needs. , flexibly adjust the number of boilers in operation to avoid waste of resources.

Compared with traditional hot water boilers, vacuum hot water boilers are safer, more stable, energy-saving and money-saving. Generally, more corrosion-resistant heat exchange elements are used inside the boiler, which does not pollute the water quality and has a longer service life than traditional boilers.

The above are the three reasons why Fangkuai Boiler chooses a vacuum hot water boiler for you. High-quality vacuum hot water boilers are very popular in the market. By choosing a vacuum hot water boiler with these advantages, users can really worry, rest assured, and at ease.