How to prepare for the start of the oil-fired gas hot water boiler?

2022 / Jan / Tue
When the fuel gas hot water boiler that was started for the first time or stopped starts again, the preparation work must be done in place. For the operation of the oven and the boiler of the boiler, the user must master it in place. Fangkuai Boiler Factory summarizes the following preparations for the start-up of oil-fired gas-fired hot water boilers, hoping to help everyone.

Newly installed, relocated, long-term out-of-service boilers or boilers whose furnace walls and furnace arches have been repaired or remodeled need to be baked according to the conditions of the furnace walls. Refer to Q/CNPC-BGP•G0209 for the drying method.

For newly installed, relocated, long-term out-of-service boilers or boilers whose pressure components have undergone major repairs or renovations, the boiler should be boiled according to the amount of oil and rust on the inner surface of the pressure components. See Q/CNPC-BGP for the cooking method. • G0209.

The pressure components inside the oil-fired gas hot water boiler should also be inspected in an all-round way:

       1. The pressure components of the boiler have no defects such as bulging, deformation, cracks, leakage, corrosion, wear, overheating, swelling, etc., the tension is firm, and the swelling is tight;

       2. The pipes on the heating surface and the pipes within the scope of the boiler are unobstructed;

       3. When there are no tools, bolts, welding rods, cotton yarn streets and other debris left in the drum, header and pipeline, close all the entrance doors and hand-hole doors.