Intelligent Industrial Gas Boiler

2022 / Apr / Tue
With the continuous development and strength of science and technology, the industrial gas boiler industry cannot be left behind. Now many industrial gas boilers launched by boiler manufacturers can realize intelligent automatic control, which has largely changed the original boilers that are cumbersome and require a lot of manpower and material resources. The working method of operation greatly reduces the labor cost.

The industrial gas boilers produced by Fangkuai boiler manufacturers adopt very intelligent automatic control management.

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The self-developed PLC control system and the boiler body have been perfectly matched after many adjustment tests. The stoker can complete the output, load, temperature and other parameters of the industrial gas boiler only through the button prompts of the control system. Adjustment, the stoker does not have to go to the side of the boiler to control these parameters by adjusting the fuel quantity of the boiler, which not only reduces the labor intensity of the stoker, but also avoids the possibility of casualties.

In addition, Fangkuai's industrial gas boilers also adopt the DCS control system, which realizes the centralized management and decentralized control of the boiler through the design principles of decentralized control functions, centralized display operation, strong separation and autonomy, and comprehensive coordination. Gas boilers can also control multiple gas boilers to achieve flexible start-up and adjustment.

Intelligence is the inevitable result of future social development, no matter what industry or type of equipment it is. Fangkuai Boiler keeps up with social development and strives to enrich its R&D and production capacity. It has achieved significant results in the boiler industry, and has also helped more users to achieve the purpose of simply operating the boiler.