What is the operating cost of a 10 ton gas boiler?

2022 / Mar / Mon
Thanks to my country's environmental protection policy, natural gas boilers have become the main product used in the domestic boiler market, which also makes domestic gas boilers very popular, and the delivery time of gas boiler manufacturers is very tight. Even so, the majority of users are still actively responding to national policies, eliminating and transforming their original coal-fired boilers or other seriously polluting boilers, or installing new more environmentally friendly gas-fired boiler equipment.

When purchasing a gas boiler, many users pay the most attention to the operating cost of the boiler. The operating cost of the gas boiler directly affects the user's investment cost of the boiler, and also affects the user's choice.

Let's take a 10-ton gas boiler as an example to calculate the operating cost of the boiler. The operating cost of the boiler is mainly the fuel cost and the purchase cost of the complete set of boiler equipment, of which the equipment purchase cost is a one-time cost, and the operating cost of the boiler is a long-term cost, which is linked with the operating period of the boiler. Operating expenses are incurred.

The operating cost of the 10-ton gas steam boiler = equipment cost + fuel cost + electricity cost + water cost + labor cost + daily maintenance cost. The fuel cost accounts for the largest proportion.

When the 10-ton gas boiler is running at full load, the gas consumption per hour is 700 cubic meters, and the fuel cost per hour is 1,400 yuan per cubic meter.

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