Printing plant gas steam boiler

2022 / Apr / Wed
For the printing industry, the papermaking process must be undertaken at the top, and the printing must be completed at the bottom. A series of processes such as packaging, no matter in which process, steam is an indispensable energy source. It is very important for a printing factory to choose a gas-fired steam boiler that can stably and continuously output a large amount of high-temperature steam.

So, if the printing factory uses gas steam boilers, which boiler manufacturer do you recommend?

First of all, the printing industry needs to know what type of equipment it needs when purchasing a gas-fired steam boiler, that is to say, it is necessary to know what a good boiler is first.

printing plant gas steam boiler for sale

The standard for measuring the quality of gas steam boilers is to look at the performance of the boiler itself, how much economic benefits it can bring to the printing plant; secondly, to see the comprehensive strength of the boiler manufacturer, whether it can guarantee the replacement of parts and troubleshooting procedures in the later stage of the boiler.

Take the gas steam boiler as an example, the performance of the boiler itself is mainly the operation efficiency, service life, whether it can ensure a very low failure rate, and continuously and stably output high-temperature steam. The higher the operating efficiency of the boiler, the more fuel is saved; the longer the service life, the higher the cost-effectiveness of the enterprise investment, minus the cost of replacing and maintaining the boiler; the failure rate means that the overall quality of the boiler is excellent, you must know that many companies A single day of downtime can cause huge financial losses.

To say that the printing factory recommends which boiler factory to buy a gas steam boiler? I recommend Henan Fangkuai boiler manufacturer!

Since its establishment in 1998, Fangkuai Boiler has been focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of clean and environmentally friendly boilers such as oil-fired gas boilers and electric boilers, and has achieved significant results in a number of scientific research fields. It is generally above 98%, which is at least 10% higher than the thermal efficiency of other boilers on the market. After follow-up research in the later period, the boiler equipment of Fangkuai boiler manufacturers can guarantee a service life of at least 15 years or more, and the cost performance is very high. Every day, the gas-fired steam boiler will conduct a full range of flaw detection tests before leaving the factory to ensure that the boiler will be shipped out of the factory with a pass rate of more than 99%. The overall quality can be said to be very high.