Heating gas hot water boiler price

2022 / Apr / Thu
Many companies choose gas hot water boilers for heating in winter, but they do not know much about the model and price of purchasing a full set of gas hot water boilers. There is no need to worry about choosing a boiler. Fangkuai boiler manufacturers will help you.

Gas-fired hot water boilers are also divided into many types according to different structures, such as vertical boilers and horizontal boilers. You can choose the boiler products that meet your own actual situation.

high efficiency gas boiler prices

Fangkuai Boiler will briefly analyze the price of gas hot water boilers. Gas hot water boilers can be divided into 1 ton (0.7MW), 2 tons (1.4MW), 4 tons (2.8MW), 6 (4.2 MW) tons, etc. specific models. Let's take a 1 ton gas hot water boiler as an example, how much is a 1 ton gas hot water boiler?

1 ton gas hot water boiler usually refers to 1 ton horizontal atmospheric pressure gas hot water boiler, its model can be expressed as: CWNS0.7-86/60-Y.Q, mainly composed of two types of equipment: boiler main machine and boiler auxiliary machine. Boiler main machine refers to the boiler body alone, while boiler auxiliary machines include many, such as valve instruments, chimneys, water distribution tanks, computer control cabinets, burners, decontamination devices, and expansion water tanks. Below we make quotations one by one. This price is a market reference value, which is subject to the manufacturer.

       Boiler host: 51,000 yuan;
       Valve instrument: 2100 yuan;
       Chimney: 1500 yuan;
       Water tank: 2000 yuan;
       Decontamination device: 1000 yuan;
       Computer control cabinet: 3000 yuan;
       Pengzhuang water tank: 1500 yuan;
       Gas burner: 25,000 yuan.