The cost of running a hot water boiler

2022 / Apr / Mon
Regarding the operating cost of the hot water boiler during the heating period, it should be a question that many heating units are very concerned about. Fangkuai Boiler's new 98% thermal efficiency heating and hot water boiler can achieve low-cost operation.

1. Calculation method of operating cost of hot water boiler heating
       Operating cost = total power ÷ fuel calorific value ÷ thermal efficiency × fuel unit price;
       Take 1 ton gas hot water boiler heating as an example:
       1. The operating thermal efficiency of the gas-fired hot water boiler is 98%;
       2. Natural gas fuel price: 3 yuan/cubic meter (the specific situation depends on the local price);
       3. Natural gas fuel calorific value: 8600kacl/kg;
       4. The total power of a 1-ton gas-fired hot water boiler for heating is 600,000 kcal.
       The hourly operating cost of a 1-ton gas-fired hot water boiler for heating is:

the cost of run hot water for an hour

2. If the heating and hot water supply are combined, the calculation method of the operating cost (still take a 1-ton gas-fired hot water boiler as an example)

       1. On-the-spot situation of customers:
       (1) 25 shower heads, 5 tons of constant temperature pool;
       (2) 7 heaters with a heating area of ​​180mm2 (unknown);
       (3) The peak period is calculated as 4 hours;

       2. Engineering design analysis:
       (1) Analysis of shower water consumption
       It is known that there are 25 shower heads in the bathroom, and the average water consumption per customer is 70L/person based on the passenger flow of 5 people per hour. According to the above, the hourly water consumption of the shower is:
       70L/person X 5 people X 25 X 70% (usage rate)=6125L/h=6.13t/h;
       (2) Analysis of heat consumption in a 5-ton constant temperature pool:
       When the water temperature is heated to 38°C, due to heat loss, it needs to continue to be heated, which is calculated as the temperature drops by 3°C per hour.
       According to the hot water heat load formula: Q=mcΔt;
       Q=5t X 1000L X 3℃=15000Kcal/h;
       (3) Calculation of heat consumption for heating:
       Heating standard: 100w/m2;
       Heat consumption formula = 100 × total area × 860;
       Get 10000 square meters of heating: 100×180×860=15480kcal;
       According to the above comprehensive analysis:
       The heat consumption required to heat 1t of water to 40℃ is: 1T×1000L×40℃=40000kcal.