Fangkuai high efficiency boiler

2022 / Apr / Wed
The new round of boiler overall performance test in 2019 shows that the current Fangkuai boiler products have exceeded the operating thermal efficiency of 108%. Everyone understands that the thermal efficiency of operation is important to the boiler, which directly determines the cost of the boiler in the next ten years of use. A boiler with higher thermal efficiency saves more energy and money, whereas a boiler with lower thermal efficiency costs more.

So, what is the working principle of Fangkuai boiler? The thermal efficiency can reach as high as 108%. Let's find out.


In the past 21 years, Fangkuai Boiler has never given up its determination to develop and produce itself. Countless technical experts have determined a boiler that is truly considered from the user's point of view after repeated technical tests and understanding of all walks of life. equipment.

Take our gas-fired boiler as an example. The boiler combines the international advanced condensation recovery technology. There is an economizer and a condenser at the tail of the boiler. A large amount of latent heat is recovered and reused, and is put into the boiler again. The heat energy generated after combustion of the same amount of fuel is fully utilized, and the thermal efficiency of the boiler will naturally be greatly improved.

At the same time, we are still working hard on burning. Through combustion technologies such as full premixing and FGR, it can not only reduce the harmful substances in the flue gas after the boiler is operated, but also promote the fuel combustion to be more sufficient. The user's demand for thermal energy can be met with a small amount of fuel, and the fuel saving effect can be achieved. visible.

We have also made considerable optimization adjustments in boiler anticorrosion, heat preservation, safety, auxiliary equipment, etc., which have laid the foundation for users and friends to use our boiler equipment more economically. You can also contact us directly for more detailed boiler knowledge.