Efficient steam boilers for food plants

2022 / Mar / Mon
Boiler used in food industry, steam boilers account for the largest proportion of boiler applications. The high-temperature steam produced by the boiler is transported to various process links through pipelines to meet the requirements of distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying, curing and other processes in the food processing process. on demand. It should be noted that some high-temperature steam will be transported through pipelines and directly or indirectly contact with food, which requires the steam boiler to deliver steam with constant temperature and pressure and excellent quality.

However, boilers are not limited to providing steam for food production. Some food factories will configure their own power station boilers for internal power generation, or use hot water boilers for central heating of their workshops, office buildings, dormitories, etc. Of course, some food factories also require hot water boilers for special processing of food.

steam boiler for food plants

Steam is one of the main energy sources of the factory. Due to the needs of the production process, steam is used in almost all production processes such as steaming, molding, primary drying, and secondary drying in the first and second projects, as well as in each heat exchanger. However, the steam pressure of the boiler required by the food enterprise is determined according to the actual production and processing process of the customer: for example, in the fumigation and disinfection stage, the rated steam pressure below 1.6MPa is usually sufficient. Therefore, it is still necessary to formulate detailed boiler solutions for food factories according to specific food processing needs.

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