Gas 4MW Industrial Steam Boiler

2021 / Oct / Thu
The Gas 4MW industrial steam boiler is a closed container in which water is heated. The heated water leaves the boiler for various processes or heating applications. Industrial steam boilers can be fueled by natural gas, coal, kerosene, light oil, heavy oil and other fuels, and are mainly used in various industrial industries such as chemical plants, wineries, metallurgical plants, and food processing plants.

Fangkuai industrial steam boiler adopts reliable three-pass full wet back structure and side-cut tube technology to improve thermal efficiency. In addition, a large combustion chamber design is adopted to increase the radiation area, reduce NOx emissions and reduce boiler volume.

Advantages of Fangkuai Industrial steam boilers:

1. Using numerical control system, including automatic mode, manual mode, timing mode, error record, password protection and other functions.

2. Equipped with an automatic sewage system, which effectively reduces the formation of scale and prolongs the service life of the boiler.

3. Automatic scale alarm (independent patented technology) and overpressure protection device to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

4. Convenient maintenance-the front smoke box adopts articulated joints, which is convenient to open and the smoke pipe cleaning is more simple and convenient.

5. Safe and reliable---All boilers go through a series of rigorous tests before leaving the factory, especially the combustion and automatic control devices to ensure safety and reliability.

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