100 Bhp Diesel Fired Steam Boiler

2021 / Oct / Wed
The price of 100 Bhp Diesel Fired Steam Boiler is about $8000-$60,000. Heavy oil, light oil, residual oil, natural gas, city gas and blast furnace gas can also be used as Diesel Fired Steam Boiler fuel. 100 Bhp Diesel Fired Steam Boiler is mainly used in food factories, chemical factories, and beverage factories.

Fangkuai 100 Bhp Diesel Fired Steam Boiler double drum vertical "D" type water tube boiler. It consists of upper and lower drums, membrane water wall, convection pipe and flue gas condensate recovery device. After the fuel is burned in the furnace, the flue gas enters the chimney from the convection group and the flue gas condensate recovery device. The condensing indirect heating hot water unit consists of three parts: the furnace body, the heat exchanger and the condenser. The heat exchanger can be set as a single heat exchanger or a double heat exchanger according to different needs. The upper part of the furnace is an expansion tank, and a condenser is installed in the flue. Therefore, the thermal efficiency of the unit has been greatly improved.

Advantages of Fangkuai 100 Bhp Diesel Fired Steam Boiler:

1. Double-roller D-type layout, compact structure, economical space occupation, good flame fullness

2. The furnace adopts a membrane water-cooled wall structure and an air-tight integrally sealed welded structure in the guard plate.

3. Large heating area and large water vapor space ensure stable boiler parameters

4. The exhaust gas temperature control of the flue gas condensing recovery device is effective, and the boiler thermal efficiency is high

5. High heat-resistant materials and good insulation performance

6. Quick loading structure, convenient for customers to install and transport

7. The furnace is equipped with inspection holes, and the furnace top is equipped with explosion-proof doors. Operation and maintenance are very convenient.

8. Automatic burner with high combustion efficiency and multiple protection functions.