What is the price of a 10 ton gas boiler?

2022 / Mar / Wed
The 10-ton gas boiler can be used in many fields such as industrial production and domestic heating. Price is an important issue that many enterprises pay attention to when purchasing gas boilers. We take a 10-ton gas boiler as an example to analyze the factors that determine the price of the boiler.

The 10-ton gas-fired boiler needs the boiler body and auxiliary equipment to work together to output the corresponding steam or hot water. The boiler body and auxiliary equipment have high configuration and low configuration. Take the gas boiler body as an example, there are horizontal three-return structure and condensing structure. Different furnace types and configurations will affect the price of the boiler.

The key factors that determine the price of a 10-ton gas boiler:
       1. The boiler body, such as which production technology is used, thermal insulation effect, operation stability, thermal efficiency during operation, etc.;
       2. Auxiliary machine configuration, such as which manufacturer's auxiliary machine to choose, auxiliary machine load size, etc.;
       3. The situation of the boiler manufacturer itself, such as the construction time, brand awareness, comprehensive strength, after-sales service, etc.

Without determining the boiler model and auxiliary equipment configuration, no boiler manufacturer can determine the exact quotation of the boiler. Therefore, when the user consults the price of the boiler, the pre-sales consultant will ask the basic situation of the boiler project, such as which industry it belongs to (determining the boiler pressure), which region it is used in (considering local environmental protection policies), and when it will be used (delivery date) After confirming the boiler selection and the user's requirements, we can make a reasonable boiler quotation for the user.

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