How much does a gas hot water boiler cost to run?

2022 / Apr / Fri
When purchasing a gas-fired hot water boiler, in addition to paying attention to the hot water heater cost, you will also pay attention to the input cost of the boiler during operation. After all, this is related to the overall operating efficiency of the enterprise.

The operating cost of a 1 ton gas-fired hot water boiler mainly includes the following aspects:

       1. Hourly gas consumption of 1 ton boiler
       600,000 kcal*tonne/thermal efficiency/fuel calorific value=600,000kcal*1 ton/95%/8000=78.95m³/h, adjusted according to the commercial gas price in Henan, it is 3.7 yuan/m³, and the fuel cost is: 78.95 m³/h*3.7 yuan/m³=292.115 yuan.

       2. Electricity bill
       General power consumption includes: burner, water pump, electric control cabinet, water treatment equipment, etc. According to the data provided by the engineer, it is about 10 kWh/hour, industrial electricity consumption is 1 yuan per hour, and 1 ton gas boiler consumes 10 yuan per hour.

how much does it cost to run a 50 gallon gas water heater

       3. Water fee
       The gas-fired steam boiler needs 1-1.1 tons of water to produce 1 ton of hot water, and the water price is calculated at 3 yuan/ton, so the cost is 3-3.3 yuan per hour.

       4. Labor cost
       Now many gas-fired hot water boilers have adopted an automatic management mode, and each boiler only needs to be equipped with 1-2 stokers. Calculated according to the average salary of 2,500 yuan per person, 2 people * 2,500 yuan = 5,000 yuan per person.

Technical parameters of 1 ton gas hot water boiler:
       1. Model specifications: WNS0.7-1.0/95/70-Q;
       2. Rated thermal power: 0.7 (MW);
       3. Rated hot water pressure: 1.0 (MPa);
       4. Rated water temperature: 95 (℃);
       5. Water temperature: 70 (℃);
       6. Factory way: quick installation.

0.7MW (1 ton) gas-fired hot water boiler manufacturers are the first choice for Henan Fangkuai Boiler Company. The gas boilers launched by Henan Fangkuai have the following advantages:
       1. Clean energy combustion, no pollution, and meet national emission standards;
       2. The top burner has high combustion efficiency, and the furnace is corrugated to prevent deformation and facilitate heat transfer, so that the thermal efficiency can reach 95%;
       3. The quick-installation structure saves the area of ​​the boiler room.

For more detailed questions about gas hot water boiler prices, parameters, auxiliary equipment, etc., you can directly consult our technical staff online.