Industrial Diesel Boiler For Sale

2022 / Aug / Tue

Industrial diesel boiler is a high pressure water tube, base-fired boiler that is intended for the generation of steam in large commercial establishments such as factories, refineries, and textile mills. Diesel boilers offer a very high efficiency level because they are designed to heat water at much higher temperatures than other types of boilers. The higher temperature results in less power being required by the pumps and fans used in the system.

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What is an industrial diesel boiler?

Diesel boiler for sale

An industrial diesel boiler is a machine that uses diesel fuel to generate heat. It's used to generate steam and hot water for industrial processes, and by extension it can also be used for heating buildings.

In the simplest terms, an industrial boiler uses heat from burning fuel to create steam which is then fed into a turbine generator. The turbine spins a generator (a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy), creating electricity.

If you've ever been in a ship or plane with a loud engine room filled with pipes and valves, you've probably seen one of these machines at work!

How does a industrial diesel boiler work?

How does a diesel boiler work

A industrial diesel boiler works in the same way as a residential or commercial boiler, but it has more power. Industrial boilers are used in factories, warehouses, refineries and other industrial locations where large amounts of steam are needed on a daily basis.

Compared to its residential counterpart, an industrial boiler is much bigger and heavier. It's also built with a higher degree of insulation and durability so that it won't malfunction when exposed to extreme temperatures or sudden pressure changes caused by intense heat.

The only difference between an industrial diesel boiler and those found in commercial buildings is their size: while commercial boilers generally range from 40-60 tons per hour (TPH), industrial models can generate up to 200 TPH!

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What fuel do industrial boilers use?

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Industrial-grade boilers are designed to burn multiple fuels, including:

  • Diesel fuel

  • Fuel oil (such as kerosene)

  • Natural gas

  • Coal and coke

  • Wood pellets and chips (both wood waste and the wood itself can be used as fuel)

  • Biomass materials that come from crops grown specifically for energy production such as corn stalks or switchgrass. This category also includes municipal solid waste (MSW). MSW is just what it sounds like—the trash collected from homes and businesses in your community. It's a potential source of renewable energy if you use it properly! Biomass can also be made from sewage sludge or agricultural byproducts like sugarcane bagasse or rice hulls.Some industrial boilers are designed to only work with specific types of fuels—for example, some have been designed specifically to run off of methane digesters at farms where they're used to produce biogas that powers an entire farm's operations while simultaneously reducing harmful emissions into the environment.


What are the four types of boilers?

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There are four types of industrial boilers: waste-to-energy, industrial coal fired boiler, industrial steam boiler and industrial oil boiler. Waste-to-energy boilers use the heat from a furnace to burn trash or other solid materials. These include large facilities that burn municipal solid waste (MSW) and smaller plants that collect agricultural byproducts such as manure. Fired-air boilers use the heat from a furnace to warm air, which is then pumped into a building to provide heating or cooling. These are often found in large warehouses where they're used to eliminate temperature variation during seasonal changes outside while maintaining consistent temperature within the structure throughout all seasons.

Steam boilers heat water until it turns into steam through boiling; this process creates enough energy to power machinery inside your business or home. Finally, oil boilers create thermal energy through burning oil instead of wood logs like wood stoves do; these can be placed indoors near an existing fireplace for added convenience if desired!

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How much does an industrial diesel boiler cost?

Industrial diesel boiler price

The cost of an industrial diesel boiler depends on many factors, including the size of the unit and whether it includes features like remote access or a touchscreen control panel.

With these variables in mind, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 for a basic model up to $150,000 for one with all the bells and whistles.


If you're looking to purchase a new boiler for your commercial building, industrial diesel boilers are a great option. They're affordable, reliable and efficient. Plus, they come with many features that make them easy for you to use in your business! If you want to know more about industrial diesel boiler, please contact us: +0086 186-2391-5479.