What is the operating cost of a 4 ton steam boiler per hour?

2021 / Jun / Wed

4 tons steam boiler is the star product of Zhengzhou Fangkuai boiler manufacturer, can maintain a stable output of 4 tons of high temperature steam per hour, used in the field of industrial production is suitable. Many users are very interested in the operation cost of 4 tons of steam boiler per hour. The technical engineers of Zhengzhou Fangfast Boiler Plant will answer for you free of charge.

One of the important factors affecting the boiler's operation cost per hour is the operation efficiency. The higher the boiler's operation efficiency, the lower the operation cost per hour. At present, the operating efficiency of the 4-ton steam boiler launched by Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Factory is more than 98% per hour, which is at least 10% higher than the social security operating efficiency of the ordinary steam boiler on the market. The energy saving effect is very obvious, and the operating cost per hour is about 800 yuan.

Zhengzhou Fang Kuai Boiler Factory also reminds you that in the face of sudden reduction of boiler load processing measures:

(1) According to the instructions of the drum water level meter, steam and feed water meter, the water supply is automatically changed to manual and the water level is adjusted in time.

(2) according to the load decline and steam pressure rise, timely turn off the small lead, air supply, stop the grate, keep the boiler not flameout, open the superheater drain.

(3) adjust the desuperheater door in time to make the steam temperature normal.

(4) If it is found that the treatment is not timely, the pressure exceeds the operating pressure of the safety door, and the safety door does not operate, the fire exhaust steam electric door should be opened until the normal pressure.

(5) Be ready to receive the load, and report to the monitor and the duty leader.

(6) after the accident, check the action of the safety door, whether it is closed tightly.