What is the cost of a 15 ton oil and gas boiler?

2021 / Jun / Wed

Oil and gas fired boiler refers to the boiler equipment that can use oil fuel or gas fuel. Today, with increasingly strict environmental protection requirements in China, it is deeply loved by the majority of users, and the frequency of use is also increasing year by year. So what is the cost of this type of boiler? Zhengzhou fang fast boiler plant to 15 tons of oil and gas boiler as an example, for everyone to explain.

The operation cost of 15 tons oil and gas boiler includes water and electricity, fuel cost, sewage and maintenance cost, among which fuel cost is a key expenditure, accounting for more than 80% of the operation cost. The operating efficiency of the oil and gas boilers launched by Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler Factory is generally more than 98%, which is one of the best in the whole boiler market. It can be said to be very energy saving, so the cost is also controlled very low, about 3000 yuan per hour.

Zhengzhou Fang Kuai Boiler Factory here to remind you, in the process of boiler operation, it is necessary to control the stability of one or two steam temperature.

The stable primary and secondary steam temperature control in boiler operation is of great significance to the safe and economic operation of the boiler unit. When the steam temperature is too high, it will cause the superheater, reheater, steam pipe and steam turbine cylinder, rotor and other parts of the metal strength reduction, resulting in the service life of the equipment shortened. Serious overtemperature, will also make the heating surface tube blasting. If the steam temperature is too low, it will affect the efficiency of the thermal cycle, and make the steam humidity of the steam turbine blade is too large, and water hammer may occur in serious cases, resulting in blade fracture and damage accidents. If the steam temperature rises and drops sharply, in addition to the heating surface of the boiler welding joint and the connection part produces a large thermal stress, will also cause the relative displacement between the turbine cylinder and rotor increases, that is, the expansion difference increases, and even in serious cases, the impeller and the baffle static and static friction, resulting in violent vibration. In addition, the deviation of steam temperature on both sides of the steam turbine is too large, which will cause uneven heating and uneven thermal expansion on both sides of the steam turbine. Therefore, the steam temperature in the boiler operation should be closely monitored, analyzed and adjusted, and the steam temperature stability should be controlled with the most reasonable method.