The price of 1 ton gas steam boiler in the current market?

2021 / Jun / Fri
1 ton gas steam boiler is refers to the output per hour steam content in 1 ton steam boiler equipment, due to the use of fuel gas as main fuel, can not only ensure high efficiency, environmental performance is also very good, and the sustainable development of China's adherence to the route, thus obtained the relevant departments of the heavily promoted. Many users are more concerned about the price of 1 ton gas steam boiler in the current market, Zhengzhou Fang Kuai Boiler Factory will answer for you.

Taking into account the design structure, pollutant emissions and other parameters of the 1 ton gas steam boiler equipment introduced by each boiler manufacturer, the price of the boiler also has a certain degree of fluctuation, but at present, generally, the market price of the 1 ton gas steam boiler with excellent quality varies between 70000 yuan and 120000 yuan.

Here, the technical engineers of Zhengzhou Fangfast Boiler Factory also remind you that the relevant matters need to be paid attention to when starting the boiler fan.

(1) Before starting the fan, the fan inlet regulating damper should be tightly closed to prevent misoperation and start with load.

(2) Check whether the lubricating oil level of the bearing is normal, the water supply of the cooling water pipe, whether the coupling is in good condition, and whether the access hole door is closed.

(3) Pay attention to whether the start time and no-load current are normal.

(4) after the ammeter indicates to return to the no-load current, the damper opening can be adjusted in the appropriate position.

(5) Check the operation of the fan, and there should be no abnormality.