Which kind of household heating boiler is good

2021 / May / Mon

First of all, electric boilers to electricity as energy, through electric heating pipe heating, air conditioning or sanitary hot water, has the advantages of fast heating, small size, no noise, convenient installation and use, is a comprehensive domestic and foreign advanced technology and become the latest generation of products. But the electricity consumption of electric boilers is very high. The general household residential use needs to consume 25-35 kilowatt-hours of electricity a day, and the cost performance is not high, which belongs to the niche use products. 

Secondly, the oil boilers are mainly fuel oil to provide heat, used for cold heating devices. The heating stove has the characteristics of light and flexible, small volume, simple operation and oil consumption. But the oil boilers are mainly used in the industrial field, the home field is just emerging, although many advantages, but the market is not very mature, generally not as the first choice of home heating stoves.

Then, gas wall-mounted boiler is a heating product with mature technology development. The winter heating of developed countries in Europe and the United States is the first choice of healthy, fast and comfortable gas heaters as the first choice of cold weather heating. The heat release and heating temperature of gas wall-hung furnace are very stable, and the heating temperature can be adjusted flexibly according to the needs, so as to avoid the problem of difficult regulation and energy waste in central heating. The integration of heating and domestic hot water makes the gas wall-hung furnace become a small energy center of the family. The wall-hung furnace is multi-purpose, flexible in use, and reduces the floor area, facilitates the users, and improves the quality of life of residents. After adding indoor temperature controller, can adjust the temperature of different bedroom arbitrarily, when there is no person in the home, need to turn down temperature to ensure machine and circulating water do not freeze can.

To sum up, gas wall-hung furnace heating is flexible and can meet the heating needs of multiple rooms. Each room can set the comfortable temperature at will according to the needs, or decide a room to turn off heating separately according to the needs. And can provide large flow constant temperature sanitary hot water, for family bath, kitchen and other places to use; In addition, the use of gas efficiency is high, high cost performance, is currently the first choice of household heaters.

As the most comfortable heating system, floor heating is favored by the majority of consumers. The floor heating system includes boilers, water collectors, floor heating pipes and other heating accessories, among which the boiler is the core equipment, the boiler is also called the wall hanging furnace, the home boiler is mainly divided into: electric heating boiler, oil boilers, gas boilers, then, which is the best home boiler?