How much is 1 ton atmospheric hot water boiler

2021 / May / Fri

Atmospheric pressure hot water boiler is 1 ton hot water boiler products, is according to the hot water boiler of thermal power, fuel type, product pressure subdivided, no work pressure, that is to say, this kind of hot water boiler use fuel gas (natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, methane gas, gas), can produce 1 ton per hour of hot water boiler products. According to different types of boilers, the price is also different.

Atmospheric pressure hot water boiler provides heat of up to 600,000 kcal per hour (1 ton =0.7MW= 600,000 kcal), with a higher thermal efficiency and a larger heating area. Because the structure adopts three return wet-back design, the furnace heating area is large, and has a higher thermal efficiency, can shorten the working time, reduce the cost. The gas-fired hot water boiler is one of the mainstream fuels. It is the most used fuel after the coal-fired boiler. It has the characteristics of small pollution and high calorific value, and belongs to the environmental protection boiler products.

Atmospheric pressure hot water boiler adopts higher intelligent operating system. The boiler is equipped with a computer control cabinet with a high degree of intelligence, with automatic water filling, one-button start and stop, water temperature setting, emergency power off and other multiple devices, easy to operate. And the operation cost is very low, because the furnace area is large, the thermal efficiency is high, the burner makes the fuel burn fully, will not cause the fuel waste, so the operation cost is reduced.

The atmospheric hot water boiler road requires 70 cubic meters of gas per hour, and the price of gas varies from place to place. Two boilermen, water, a small amount of electricity, estimated to cost about 300 yuan per hour is the minimum. Runli boiler provided.

1 ton atmospheric pressure hot water boiler is often used in heating, bathing and other industries, is an indispensable boiler equipment in life, is also the mainstream product of hot water boiler.