What is the heating area of 1 ton atmospheric hot water boiler

2021 / May / Tue

The actual unit of a hot water boiler is not a ton, the unit of a steam boiler is a ton, it's the tons of steam that can be produced per hour, the unit of a hot water boiler is megawatts, a ton of hot water boiler is equal to 0.6 megawatts, According to the factory instructions, the theory of 0.6MW hot water boiler is to take 10,000 square meters, but the actual number is not up to this number. A not old one can take about 7000-8000 square meters in Northeast China.

1T=0.7MW= 600000Kcal, 150Kcal is needed for heat per square, then: 600000/150=4000㎡, and then remove 15% of the heat loss of the pipeline, that is, 4000* (1-0.15) =3400㎡. Therefore, under the condition of poor insulation effect, the minimum heating area is 3400 square meters. If it is a good point, 4000 square meters is also no problem. According to the different regions, the heating area of hot water boilers is not the same, the heating area of southern hot water boilers is about 7000-8000 square meters, and the heating area of northern hot water boilers is about 6000-7000 square meters.

After the atmospheric pressure hot water boiler material is atomized by the burner, the micro positive pressure combustion is carried out in the large furnace, the flame is burned in the furnace, the backburner at the bottom of the furnace is turned 180°, and it enters the first convection heating surface. After heat exchange, it turns 180° again in the front smoke chamber and enters the atmosphere after the full heat transfer of the two convection heating surfaces. A new type of condensing technology is added to the boiler, and the condenser is connected near the tail of the flue gas, so that more heat is released when the high temperature flue gas is condensed water, and the thermal efficiency is naturally improved. At the same time, the flue gas temperature has been greatly reduced (maintained at about 90℃), which is also a contribution to the cause of environmental protection in China.

The boiler is in full automatic mode, and the computer controls the whole operation. The heating surface and fluidity of flue gas are optimized to a great extent. The boiler complies with the compact setup of the whole system, which can save the valuable floor space for users and reduce the capital investment cost. The boiler has a large volume of water and is insensitive to the fluctuation of load, so it is also suitable for the operating environment with large load changes. The low resistance and high efficiency heat transfer element -- threaded smoke pipe instead of the traditional light pipe, the heat transfer rate is faster. Over-temperature protection, secondary overheating protection, antifreeze protection...... To the boiler full - range, no dead - corner safety protection.

To sum up, the heating area of atmospheric pressure hot water boilers is about 6000-8000 square meters, and the heating area of boilers in different regions is also different.