What is the heating area of the 10-ton heating boiler

2021 / May / Tue
First of all, the heating area of 1 ton heating boiler is about 5000-7000 square meters, from which it can be inferred that the heating area of 10 ton heating boiler is about 50,000-70000 square meters.
1T=0.7MW= 600000Kcal, the heat required per square meter is 150Kcal, then: 600000/150=4000M2, and then remove 15% of the heat loss of the pipeline, that is, 4000* (1-0.15) =3400㎡. Therefore, under the condition of poor insulation effect, the minimum heating area is 3400 square meters. If it is a good point, 4000 square meters is also no problem.
The water, steam or soda mixture of the Fangkuai steam heating boiler flows in the tube, and the flame and flue gas burn and flow outside the tube. Boiler internal are curved water pipe, tube cross-section is smaller than the tube outside, the flow rate of soda water greatly increased, the heating surface generated steam is immediately washed away, which improves the heat absorption of pot water. At the same time also has the extremely fast water flow rate and the excellent water circulation system, the boiler heat absorption rate and high thermal efficiency.

And Fang fast boiler boiler wall pipe all adopts membrane wall structure, has a very good pressure bearing capacity, more suitable for the environment of high working pressure; At the same time, the furnace body has a good sealing structure, and the bad phenomenon of smoke leakage and air leakage will not occur in the operation of the boiler under the condition of micro positive pressure combustion. With the addition of condensation technology, the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler has been greatly improved. The condenser can not only absorb a large amount of sensible heat in the flue gas, but also absorb sufficient latent heat of the flue gas. The boiler efficiency is far higher than that of ordinary boilers, and the service life of the boiler can be extended to 20 years.

Therefore, steam boiler heating is generally not recommended, steam boiler pressure is higher, higher requirements for heating pipes and accessories, will increase the investment cost. And steam boiler installation time is more troublesome. The cost is high. Hot water boiler is the best choice for heating, heating area is different in different regions, generally 1 ton boiler can provide 5000~7000 square meters of heating, and if the room is higher, the need to increase the boiler tonnage.