What is the heating area of 0.5T coal-fired steam boiler

2021 / May / Mon
The theoretical heating area of 1T coal-fired steam boiler is 10,000 square meters, in fact, according to the geographical location of the decision, generally available for about 7,000 square meters. Therefore, the heating area of 0.5T coal-fired steam boiler.
Party fast coal-fired steam boiler take the outstanding design concept and advanced science technology, condensing technology, as a new type of energy conservation and environmental protection technology, changes the heat energy during each stage, and can combine to condensing boiler emissions of high temperature flue gas treatment, will have a cascade utilization of flue gas heat and fully absorb the sensible heat and water vapor in flue gas condensation latent heat release.

Party fast coal-fired steam boiler scale detection system with high sensitivity, real-time dynamic monitoring of boiler internal scale deposited amount, once to cause harm to the boiler efficiency and performance, alarm device can start immediately, to alert users to timely to deal with scale, avoid the appearance of the boiler thermal efficiency is lower and other emergency. Variable frequency feed water system can realize dynamic change, according to the actual operation requirements of the boiler, automatically judge whether the boiler is in the state of need of replenishing water; And can automatically adjust the water supply when filling water, to achieve the dynamic balance of the boiler, to avoid the waste of resources.

The door and panel of the smoke box of the Fangkuai coal-fired steam boiler adopt a double-layer sealing structure, and the intelligent welding equipment is welded in a single time to prevent air and smoke leakage. The PLC automatic intelligent control system independently developed and designed greatly improves the operation reliability of the boiler.