Steam boiler and atmospheric pressure boiler which is good

2021 / May / Wed

The steam boiler is mainly used as power source and heat source for production. Steam work after the heat can not be recycled, a part of the waste, a large amount of water consumption. The steam boiler needs full-time workers to operate and watch, and it needs regular maintenance. Atmospheric pressure boiler is also called atmospheric pressure hot water boiler. Because there is no pressure to use, there is no danger. Close to closed circulation inside the pipeline, less water waste and consumption. The atmospheric pressure boiler is mainly used for heating.

The product of the steam boiler is a certain number of parameters of steam, and the use of water level gauge and cylinder, in the production, installation, use, safety will be more strict. , Fang fast atmospheric pressure boiler with boiler fundamental room, temperature, water level control of hot water boiler controller selection of imported original fault rate compared to be low must adhere to the vacuum control equipment no complex control equipment operator operation request compared to the vacuum boiler simple shutdown maintenance chance less practice operation of hot water boiler to be stable.

Steam boiler in the process of operation, the first to complete the endothermic process (radiation, convection and conduction), the water into water vapor and storage energy, and then complete the process of heat transfer, the energy of the high temperature water vapor to the heat equipment, at the same time to complete the changes in the physical characteristics of the province, there are high temperature water vapor into low temperature water vapor, high temperature water, The exothermic process of low temperature water or other forms of transfer out, in the whole heat transfer process, mainly water vapor as a medium, heat absorption and heat release, complete the energy transfer, to achieve the purpose of people's production and work and life.

The open and close valve of atmospheric boiler is mainly to prevent the system water backflow into the boiler, because the atmospheric boiler is generally designed to have an opening of the water tank or the discharge pipe of the atmosphere, if the water flows back from the system to fill the boiler, the system water will overflow from the boiler, and the boiler room can be all flooded. When there was no open and close valve design at the earliest time, as soon as the atmospheric pressure boiler stopped, the storer had to close the backwater valve immediately to ensure that the water did not flow backwards. Open and close valve to solve the problem of natural circulation of hot water boiler, inlet and outlet water are from the top of the cylinder, the inlet water distribution pipe will be directed to the downward pipe into the front and side of the lower header, through the inlet wall pipe heating rise. The front and back ends of the upper drum are provided with a water divider at the boundary of the descending and ascending water flow, and the water divider is only used to partition the lower half of the cross section of the drum. For forced circulation, the access to the water front bottom allied box, water wall tube once rose last drum (water wall before the drop tube cancelled), and then into the side water wall pipe down to the bottom allied box, and rising cloth into the side water wall tube to drum, convection bundle down to water drum, and from the front end and circuitous several process between water drum, drum back-end water from. Forced circulation boiler without economizer.

Therefore, if the boiler is used for heating, can recommend the use of atmospheric hot water boiler; If the boiler is suitable for production, a steam boiler may be used.