What are the quotations for commercial boilers

2021 / May / Fri

0.5 tons of hot water boiler, the price is about 90,000 yuan. Atmospheric pressure hot water boiler does not need annual audit, more practical. The outlet temperature is about 95 degrees. The quotation of 0.5 ton steam boiler is about 110,000, which needs annual inspection.

The types of commercial boilers are mainly divided into vacuum hot water boiler T6, vacuum hot water boiler T7, completely condensing atmospheric pressure hot water boiler, vertical hot water boiler V3/V5/V6, etc. The parameters of different types of commercial boilers (such as: capacity, thermal efficiency, working pressure, fuel) are not the same, therefore, the price is also different.

Because schools, hotels, gyms, shopping malls, and other entertainment places are mostly built in the bustling urban areas, subject to environmental requirements and site restrictions, in view of the above situation, Fang Kuai Boiler launched a series of commercial boilers. The boiler uses the international advanced full premixed, FGR and other combustion technology, the thermal efficiency can reach 108% high, harmful material emissions as low as 18mg/Nm³, to meet the most stringent environmental protection standards in China. The built-in wing heat exchange element developed and designed by Fang Kuai independently reduces the area of the boiler by more than 20-40% compared with ordinary boilers.

Gas hot water heating boiler of choose and buy, now consider the most environmental protection standard is not, at present a lot of places, from environmental protection is not up to standard, environmental protection or environmental quality bureau what of, is not allowed to use, will the removal, followed by the boiler energy saving effect can achieve how many, and safety, noise, factory after-sales service and so on other factors, The use of Vanderbili gas heating boiler, environmental protection standards, energy saving in about 30%.