What is the gas consumption of 2 tons gas fired boiler

2021 / May / Thu

2 tons gas boiler rated evaporation capacity of 2 tons, can provide 1.2 million kcal energy, can produce 20 tons of 60 degrees of hot water per unit time, can be used for 16,000 square meters of plant or room heating, can be used for about 240 people at the same time bathing. 2 tons gas boiler has 2 tons gas steam boiler, 2 tons gas hot water boiler, 2 tons gas heat conduction oil boiler.

The operation of Fang Kuai gas boiler is simple and convenient, saving labor costs. Can quickly assemble type boiler, simple and quick installation, convenient maintenance. And the boiler can automatically feed water, prevent the boiler water shortage accident, with water protection system. It is equipped with pressure controller and pressure protection system.

Fangkuai gas boiler is installed with water level alarm device, water shortage alarm, ultra-low water level automatic boiler stop, improve safety performance. The burner is integrated with pre-purge function to prevent the deflagration phenomenon of furnace fuel residue. Welding spoiler on the pipe to change the direction of flue gas flow to enhance the spoiler effect and prevent ash accumulation.

Large heating area, high thermal efficiency, fuel saving, reduce the cost of use. The water treatment equipment imported from the United States is adopted, the water treatment effect is good, the water hardness is reduced to 0.03 mmol/l, in line with the national requirements for boiler water, to prevent scaling inside the drum.