What vital benefits can the boiler "change from coal to gas" bring to users

2022 / Jan / Tue
As one of the participants in the “coal-to-gas” project, Fangkuai Boiler has high-quality, high-tech, and intelligent characteristics, and strives to respond to my country’s “coal-to-gas” call and actively promotes green energy-saving power production equipment to make the sky bluer , Make the clear water greener!

As an important measure to improve the air quality in our country, "coal to gas" has always been a hot topic in all walks of life.

So, if the boiler is changed from coal to gas, what benefits will it bring to users?

1. Improved boiler thermal efficiency
       Most of the traditional coal-fired boilers have a thermal efficiency of about 70%, and a large part of the energy is wasted due to heat loss or other aspects. The use of gas-fired boilers after "coal to gas" will increase the thermal efficiency by 20%-40%.

2. Lower investment costs
       The price of natural gas is higher than that of coal, but in addition to fuel costs, only investment in pipelines is enough. In addition to fuel costs, coal-fired boilers also have transportation costs, labor costs, and storage costs. The overall price is not cheap. From the perspective of cost performance, natural gas has an overall advantage.

3. Improved environmental protection benefits
       Natural gas is one of the more environmentally friendly energy sources due to its sufficient combustion, clean combustion and pollution-free emissions. The sulfur and ash produced by coal combustion and emissions are relatively large, and the pollution caused by the environment is relatively serious, which is also incomparable with gas boilers. Gas boilers can bring greater environmental benefits to enterprises.
The "coal-to-gas" project will enter its peak period. How to ensure the fast supply and high-quality products in the "coal-to-gas" project is the top priority of boiler manufacturers.