For Sale 10 Ton Boiler Kyrgyzstan

2021 / Nov / Tue
Generally, the price of a 10 ton boiler is between $9,999-$28,900. The fuel can use a variety of different fuels such as gas, oil, coal, biomass and so on. Mainly used in a variety of industries such as chemical plants, food processing plants, textile mills, and paper mills.

Fangkuai automatic mobile grate coal-fired steam boiler is a horizontal single-tube water fire tube boiler. This series of hot water boilers use chain grate as the combustion device, top-in and top-out natural water circulation injection, the left and right sides of the furnace are radiant heating surfaces, the two wings of the furnace, and threaded flue gas pipes are used as convection heating surfaces and three-dimensional shielding shells. The furnace is divided into a front combustion chamber (fire box) and a rear reburning chamber by a smoke exhaust baffle.

Advantages of Fangkuai coal-fired steam boiler:
1. Reasonable heating surface and combustion device, the thermal efficiency is 4%~5% higher than the national standard.

2. The flue gas flow rate is reasonable, and the heating surface has no dust or wear. Without soot blowing, the boiler can work at full load, efficiently and safely for a long time.

3. The tall and tall boiler furnace can be designed according to different fuels to improve the fuel combustion rate and remove black smoke.

4. Fully independent circuit and reasonable coal-fired boiler injection cycle are specially designed and adopted for hot water boilers. The medium speed of the hot surface circuit is higher than the national standard

5. The 1-20T/H & 0.7-14MW boiler adopts large and high-strength grate and is equipped with a rolling device, which improves the safety of the boiler, reduces coal leakage and facilitates adjustment of combustion.

6. Boilers above 20T/H and 14MW use slab or beam chain grate, which has less coal leakage and convenient combustion adjustment. Closed oil fume cleaning to avoid secondary pollution and save time and effort.

7. The dust at the outlet of the furnace is separated by inertia, which reduces the concentration of exhaust gas and reduces the abrasion of the rear hot surface.

8. The structure is compact, the installation volume is smaller than other types of boilers, the installation period is shortened, and the cost of the boiler room is reduced.