Operating cost of coal-fired boiler

2021 / Sep / Wed
With the adjustment of the economic structure of the urban cultural industry, the transformation of old districts, the development and construction of the community, the implementation of the coal ban policy in the main urban areas of the research center, and the energy-saving and emission-reduction policies of regional activities such as central heating, cogeneration, etc. The implementation of.

  The problem of the proportion of coal-fired boilers in small and medium-sized enterprises will affect a significant level of decline, and it is now developing in the direction of large capacity, high parameters, high energy efficiency, and low emissions.

  Coal-fired boilers will be dominated by layer-fired boilers, that is, chain grate boiler products, which are developing rapidly toward the direction of large-capacity and high-parameter selection, which cannot be replaced by other traditional coal-fired boilers in any country.

Large-capacity resource recycling fluidized bed boilers (35t/h) and other boilers that use a clean energy combustion information technology also have unique advantages in burning low-quality coal, energy saving, and environmental protection management, and will be improved and rapid development; Oil and gas boilers will develop into condensing low-nitrogen boilers.

  The pressure drop of the air distribution board is proportional to the square of the opening rate of the hood on the air distribution board. The pressure drop of the air distribution board will cause head loss and power consumption of the fan. Therefore, the resistance of the air distribution board is taken as the minimum pressure drop of the air distribution board required to maintain a basically uniform and stable bed during the design of the air distribution board. Calculating the gas consumption of gas boilers is inseparable from the low calorific value of the gas and the thermal efficiency value of the boiler, because the quality of natural gas supply varies in different regions, the quality of gas boilers is different, and the amount of mixed air is different. The low heat of gas The value is also different.

  The gas consumption calculation method of gas boilers should be more clear about the thermal efficiency value of gas boilers. If the boiler has a higher thermal efficiency value, its gas consumption will be greatly reduced, and vice versa. The 6-35 ton SZL series boiler is composed of upper and lower parts, the lower base is the combustion treatment equipment, and the upper part is the heating surface of the body. In order to further ensure the realization of precise air distribution, the design of the base part of the boiler is based on multiple independent air chambers, which do not cross each other, and meet the air distribution requirements of various combustion stages of different substances through the air regulating door. At the same time, the boiler furnace is composed of water-cooled wall tubes, front and rear arches and hearths, and several return convection tube bundles are arranged at the rear of the body to adequately absorb the heat released by direct combustion.

  It is recommended that you choose a good boiler manufacturer when choosing a boiler. For example, the Fangkuai boiler has been focusing on condensing boilers for more than 20 years. The technology has been quite mature, and the price of natural gas boilers is relatively affordable. The boilers of the same model are more efficient than ordinary boilers and have a larger heating area. The cost control of gas boiler is lower.