Gas Steam Boiler For Plastics Factory

2021 / Oct / Tue
The gas steam boiler used in the plastic factory uses a large furnace tube, a central return air, and a three-pass structure of flue gas. The furnace tube in the center of the shell, the convection tube is distributed circumferentially, and the smoke tube is equipped with a vortex device to expand the heating surface. Mainly used in chemical industry, plastic industry, paint and automobile industry, asphalt industry, construction equipment industry, shipbuilding industry and many other fields.

The furnace of the Fangkuai gas steam boiler adopts elbows to increase the radiant heating surface. However, the greater the furnace water level, the lower the furnace temperature, so it is generally suitable for burning high-quality coal. Such as adding refractory bricks in the furnace to maintain a higher temperature, inferior coal can also be used. Better water circulation. Double-grate combustion chamber is adopted, which can heat up quickly and can be burned again to achieve the effects of full combustion, smoke suppression and dust removal.

Advantages of Fangkuai gas steam boiler:

1. Three-return structure, large combustion chamber volume and full combustion.

2. The corrugated furnace structure increases the heat transfer area and also satisfies the free expansion of the furnace after heating.

3. The threaded smoke tube enhances the heat transfer effect.

4. Wet back structure, butt joints of the whole board boundary.

5. The rear view device is convenient to observe the burning state.

6. Multiple protection devices, safe and reliable operation

7. Color checkered plate packaging, mirror stainless steel, or brushed stainless steel, beautiful and generous.

8. Imported burner, automatic operation.

9. The boiler has high thermal efficiency, stable output and strong load adaptability.