1Ton Gas Steam Boiler Price

2021 / Oct / Mon
The price of 1Ton Gas Steam Boiler Price is about $5,000-$15,000. The gas-fired steam boiler adopts a fire tube structure, and the temperature can reach 194℃. The fuel of the gas steam boiler can use petroleum, natural gas, LPG, LNG, CG, diesel, light oil, fuel oil, HFO, natural gas, etc. It is mainly used in textile factories, food and beverage, chemical industry, medicine, light industry, rubber, printing and dyeing factories , Paper mills, wood processing, clothing and laundry, etc.

Fangkuai WNS fuel gas boiler is a steam boiler developed in cooperation with German technology. Its technical indicators have reached the world's advanced level. This type of boiler truly achieves clean combustion, emission, no pollution, convenient operation, and sufficient output. The body of the boiler shell is fully wet back to the downstream three-pass firework tube structure. When the indoor micro-positive pressure combustion flame is burning, the combustion is sufficient and the furnace heat load is low. , SOX. Low NOX emission of harmful substances, corrugated furnace and threaded tube structure, can not only improve the strength and strengthen the heat transfer effect, but also meet the requirements of thermal expansion of the parts. The front and rear smoke boxes are connected by hinges, which can be easily opened and quickly repaired.

Advantages of Fangkuai WNS fuel gas boiler:

1. Steam boiler

The horizontal internal combustion three-pass full wet back design, corrugated hearth, has good heat regressiveness, water-cooled return air chamber, the return air chamber and the edge of the return tube plate butt, the stress is low, and the quality is more reliable.

2. Large-caliber corrugated furnace

The boiler combustion chamber is composed of a large-caliber full-corrugated furnace with large combustion space, complete fuel combustion, effective endothermic thermal expansion, and large radiant heating surface.

3. Enough heat

The heating area of ​​the boiler is designed to be more than 25 square meters/ton, which fully absorbs effective heat, has low exhaust gas temperature, low heat loss, and ensures sufficient output and high efficiency.

4. Steam quality

The boiler shell has large diameter, large water capacity, strong adaptability to load changes, stable output, large volume of steam space, high net distance between steam and water interface and steam outlet, and low steam humidity.

5. Multifunctional safety explosion-proof device

The back plate of the boiler is equipped with an explosion-proof device connected to the furnace to prevent the instantaneous high energy from being discharged when the fuel is violently vented in the furnace, and it can automatically reset. At the same time, it has the functions of fire mirror and maintenance channel. The adjustment of the combustion flame during operation facilitates the inspection and maintenance of the furnace.

6. Sufficient time for safe precipitation

The location of the boiler combustion chamber is arranged, the water level is determined according to regulations, and the water level fluctuation time is strictly in accordance with international general norms and standards, and there is enough safe precipitation space to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

7. Convenient boiler maintenance

There are manholes on the top of the boiler, and hand-hole devices at the front and back of the boiler to facilitate inspection and cleaning of the inside of the boiler and the devices at the bottom of the boiler.

8. Unique front and rear cigarette case sealing

The cigarette case has double doors, easy to open, multi-stage labyrinth seal, special sealing material, good pressure resistance, completely prevents smoke from leaking, and can be reused.

9. Reliable pressure and water level protection

Multiple control and protection of boiler pressure and water level, and over-smoke temperature protection to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

10. Advanced automatic control

The boiler controller adopts Siemens and Delixi electrical components with reliable performance. Chinese and English menu LCD display, touch screen remote control.