Proper maintenance of gas boilers to extend boiler life

2019 / Jun / Mon
Daily maintenance is one of the main methods for the long-term use of purchased gas boilers. Regular and careful maintenance can also make it more efficient to use. In order to properly maintain the gas boiler, Fangfang Boiler summed up the following three points. I hope that everyone will study and master it carefully.

First, the maintenance of the machine casing
The boiler casing is mostly made of metal, so it is important to keep it dry to avoid corrosion caused by moisture. It is necessary to pay special attention to the requirement that the bottom of the gas boiler be kept dry during operation, because it is easy to cause the machine once it is wet. Damaged, damaged outer casing not only affects the insulation effect, but even worse, it will affect its safety. There is also a simple way to prevent corrosion - coating boiler paint, this shortcut not only enhances the aesthetics of the boiler, but also reduces the probability of a safety hazard.

Second, regular inspection and maintenance
When the gas boiler is running, it is best to check it every 1-2 weeks, and conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance every 1-3 months. When inspecting a gas boiler, it is mainly divided into two parts, internal and external. In particular,  attention should be paid to the corrosion of the weld and the steel plate. Once it is found, it must be repaired in time. If you have long been accustomed to neglecting the small problems of the boiler, there are likely to be serious safety problems, which are not worth the candle.

Third, the correct way to use
If the boiler in the home is not used for a long time, it needs to be maintained. The wet maintenance method can be adopted within one month of decommissioning, but the dry maintenance method should be adopted for more than one month. There are many methods for the maintenance of gas boilers, and there are many places to pay attention to. Although there are no safety problems in itself,  the wrong method of use may cause many problems. So no matter what method consumers use, as long as they pay attention to and follow the complete steps, we can make our boilers last longer.
In general, the factory direct gas boilers will provide professional maintenance attention methods, users must read carefully before use, in accordance with the specifications and regular maintenance, in order to maximize the life of gas boilers. The maintenance of gas boilers must first be operated by gas disconnection to ensure the safety of relevant personnel.