What is the cleaning process after the hot water boiler is out of service?

2019 / Jun / Mon
After long-term operation of the hot water boiler, a large amount of dirt will accumulate inside. If it is not processed in time, it will affect the operation efficiency and heating effect of the boiler in the later stage. How to deal with these dirt becomes a major issue for heating users. The FANGKUAI Boiler briefly introduces the process and method of cleaning the dirt by the hot water boiler.

1. Softening the water
For the main scale-causing substances such as calcium and magnesium in water, sodium ion softening is generally used as a treatment method, which can effectively inhibit the growth of these scale-reducing substances in the long term.

2. Decontamination facilities
Decontaminators are typically placed in the boiler house and indoor system inlet ducts to effectively separate the slag. But practice shows that the separation effect is limited.

3, boiler sewage
It is very important to discharge the sewage in the steam boiler, and the effect is also very  obvious.  Whether the continuous sewage discharge or the regular sewage discharge can effectively discharge the excess salt content in the boiler water. However, the role of sewage in hot water boilers is not very  obvious. The difference is that first, the steam boiler has only 10 tons of water per hour, while the same capacity hot water boiler has an hourly water intake of about 240 tons. It  can be seen that the water flow in the hot water boiler is particularly large, which is more than 20 times that of the same capacity steam boiler.

At present, the commonly used sewage discharge method is that the circulation pump is stopped for 2 hours, and the impurities in the water are precipitated and then the sewage valve is opened to see the water. However, such a sewage discharge method has a limited effect because the sewage pipe disposed in the drum and the lower header cannot discharge the distant sediment.

4, cleaning the stains
Practice has proved that cleaning slag combined with chemical and mechanical methods is an effective treatment method. Some people think that it is no longer necessary to clean the heating system after it has been equipped with an effective softened water facility. This kind of concept is not in line with the actual situation. It should be said that it is an effective and thorough treatment method to have a combination of softened water treatment and cleaning.

(1) Cleaning inside the boiler
After opening the boiler at the end of the winter run, we can see that a large amount of red and black loose water slag is deposited in the bottom of the drum and in the lower header. It is also seen that the flaky slag adheres to the drum, the water wall, the pipe and the header. Inner wall. The cleaning of these slags can be done chemically or mechanically. The traditional mechanical device is a washing device; the cleaning effect is good, but it is limited by the space inside the pot, especially for the pyrotechnic tube boiler. The cleaning method combined with the chemical boiler and the high-pressure water grabbing machine is effective, and can reach the extent that the heated surface of the boiler sees the original color.

(2) Cleaning of external network and indoor facilities
After the end of winter operation, the slag in the external network and indoor facilities should also be cleaned. The cleaning of the indoor facilities is usually carried out by simple people. The cleaning of the slag in the external network can be decontaminated at the entrance of the indoor system by using the circulating pump. Discharge method to handle.