Steam boiler buying tips from FANGKUAI Boiler

2019 / Jun / Mon
Steam boilers are large-scale thermal power equipment, and the amount of purchase will be higher. Of course, the safety requirements are relatively high. When we choose a steam boiler, we must shop around to get a good steam boiler.

So what factors should we pay attention to?

1. Brand: A brand is accumulated by the user's word of mouth, so we have  to choose some powerful brands, but don't blindly choose those foreign brands, because they are basically agents, so it is often difficult to find problems. After-sales service department.
2. Performance: The performance of steam boilers includes: exhaust gas temperature, thermal efficiency and so on. The higher the thermal efficiency, the better, and the lower the exhaust gas temperature, the better.
3, service: we must choose a good after-sales service before buying. Because once a failure occurs, it will directly affect production.
4. Price: We must compare not only the cost of steam boilers, but also the accessories and operating costs of steam boilers.
5. Safety: Safety is the most important factor we need to consider. Safety is the foundation of production.
6, operation: Some steam boilers are more complicated to control, and they are not easy to use after buying them.
7. Energy saving: Energy saving and emission reduction are related to the cost of our use, so we need to choose an energy-efficient steam boiler.
8. Speed: The speed of the starting speed will affect our production, so the general steam boiler will not be open every day. If the starting time is too long, it will not only waste fuel but also waste time.
9. Configuration: We have  to choose not only a boiler body, but also soft water equipment, safety valves, sub-cylinders, pump sets and other accessories.

For the selection of steam boilers, after the heat load and fuel are determined, comprehensive consideration should be given in combination with the above factors. The steam boiler produced by FANGKUAI Boiler has obvious advantages such as high thermal efficiency, convenient operation, energy saving and environmental protection, and high cost performance.

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