How to distinguish whether the hot water boiler is atmospheric or pressure-bearing?

2019 / Jun / Mon
Users can choose between pressurized hot water boilers or atmospheric hot water boilers for different places of use. For example, pressurized hot water boilers can be used for the processing of automotive parts, because the processing of automotive parts is very high temperature requirements, some atmospheric hot water boilers can’t meet this high temperature requirements; and atmospheric hot water boilers can be used for heating And hot water supply, not only to meet the user's demand for heat, but also very safe to use.

So, what aspects can users distinguish between pressurized hot water boilers and atmospheric hot water boilers?

First, look at the pressure changes in the furnace
The main difference between atmospheric pressure hot water boilers and pressure-bearing boilers is the difference in pressure. Seeing the pressure change in the furnace is a relatively straightforward way to distinguish between the two.
Regardless of the type of atmospheric hot water boiler, the pressure of the hot water in the furnace is always consistent with the atmospheric pressure and does not change with the change of the water temperature; on the contrary, the pressurized boiler is sealed by the steam and water system in the furnace. The composition of the container and the pipe, the pressure in the furnace is higher than the external atmospheric pressure, and the water temperature will also rise faster.

Second, look at the water level control problem
The professionally supplied atmospheric hot water boiler is not under pressure during operation. In order to achieve normal pressure operation, the inlet of the circulating water pump is connected to the water outlet of the boiler, and the hot water in the suction boiler supplies heat to the user, and the user returns the water pipe and the boiler. The water inlet is connected, and the water output is equal to the water intake. Therefore, the atmospheric pressure hot water boiler has problems in water level control, and the open box is still connected to the top when the drum is full of water. The pressure hot water boiler has no water level control problem, which is one of the significant differences between the two.

Third, look at the structural constraints
Atmospheric pressure hot water boilers are much simpler than the pressure-bearing hot water boilers in terms of structural parameters. Different from the strict limitation of the boiler capacity, parameters and installation position in the structure of the pressure-bearing boiler, the atmospheric pressure hot water boiler only needs to arrange the heating surface reasonably to ensure the reliable water circulation, and the structure is limited very little. The degree of design, construction and installation according to the actual needs of users is more flexible and convenient. This is also an important reason why atmospheric pressure hot water boilers are increasingly attracting users.
In summary, the difference between the atmospheric hot water boiler and the pressure hot water boiler is mainly reflected in the pressure change in the furnace, whether the water level is controlled and whether the structure is limited. In fact, the difference between the two is far more than these. They differ in terms of service life, water supply temperature, safety performance, etc. If you study carefully, you will find many differences, but the most important thing is to consider your own needs and choose Which type of boiler product is used.

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