What are the energy-saving measures for gas fired boilers?

2019 / Jun / Mon
Natural gas boilers are power sources for chemical, light industry, military and other industries. They are also important targets for pollution discharge and large energy consumers. Over the years, FANGKUAI Boiler has been devoted to the research and application of gas-fired boiler energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, is committed to providing users with more energy-saving and cost-effective gas boiler equipment.

The structure of gas boilers varies from industry to industry and from process to process. With the advancement of science and technology, the implementation of energy conservation and environmental protection policies and the development of market competition, the gas boiler structure produced by FANGKUAI Boiler is continuously improved and optimized. The main purpose is to improve combustion conditions, reduce exhaust emissions, recycle energy, etc. The structural effect can reduce energy consumption, improve product quality and increase production.

1. According to the steam quantity required for industrial production, the rated power of the gas boiler and the number of boilers are reasonably selected. The higher the matching between the two cases and the actual use, the smaller the smoke loss and the more obvious the energy saving effect;
2. The fuel is in full contact with the air: let the proper amount of fuel and air form a precise batch ratio, and then burn, so as to improve the combustion efficiency of the fuel, reduce the emission of polluting gas, and achieve the purpose of double energy conservation;
3. Reduce the exhaust gas temperature of the gas boiler: The waste heat generated in the exhaust gas can be used to recover and reuse this part of the waste heat. The general boiler thermal efficiency is about 85-88%, and the exhaust gas temperature is 220-230 °C. If an advanced waste heat recovery device such as an economizer or a condenser is installed, the exhaust gas temperature is lowered to below 140 °C after the exhaust heat is exhausted, and the boiler efficiency can be increased to about 95-108%;
4. Recycling and reusing the heat of the boiler sewage: through the heat exchange device, the heat in the continuous sewage is accumulated, and the feed water temperature of the deoxidized water is increased to achieve the energy-saving purpose of the gas boiler.
The square fast boiler will be manually controlled or semi-automatically controlled to be automatically controlled. According to the product process requirements, the feed amount, fuel supply amount, inlet air and air intake volume will be comprehensively adjusted to make the boiler run in good condition and good energy saving effect can be obtained.

And provide remote monitoring for each customer, real-time understanding of boiler operation data, to ensure that the boiler is in healthy operation, low energy consumption, low emissions, safe and secure, equivalent to each private boiler equipped with a "private Doctors".

With the increasing demand for energy-saving and environmentally-friendly boilers, we believe that the development of our fast-fired boilers will usher in new and greater development opportunities on the track of energy conservation and emission reduction.