4t Low Price Steam Boiler Turkmenistan

2021 / Oct / Mon
The price of 4t Steam Boiler is about $100,000-$200,000. The fuel can use natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, light oil, diesel, heavy oil and other fuels. It is mainly used in power plants, central heating companies, paper mills, textile mills, Chemical plants, etc.

Fangkuai DZL 4t Steam Boiler is equipped with multiple interlocking protections, independent water level alarms and three-pressure protection alarms to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. It can work automatically according to the user-set program.And the heating area is large and the effect is good. Using imported color stainless steel, the boiler is not only beautiful but also never rusty.

Advantages of Fangkuai DZL 4t Steam Boiler :

1. The boiler room adopts the design of double drums, combined type, chain grate, and single-layer layout. It has the advantages of compact structure, large heating surface, safe and reliable operation, short construction period, and low installation cost. Cost etc.
2. The furnace adopts a packing device and a cyclone reburning chamber to reduce dust in the flue gas. The tail is equipped with gas treatment equipment to make the dust emission concentration reach the national first-level standard.

3. The feeding device has a reasonable structure and adopts mechanical bonding air feeding, which has the advantages of uniformity, reliability and high degree of mechanization.

4. Patented technologies such as small roller structure and boundary grate chip grate are adopted to improve the reliability of boiler operation.

5. The sealed air chamber and the bilateral grate air regulator are national patented technology, and the conical sealing structure is processed to improve the sensitivity of the grate air.

Therefore, if you have boiler needs, it is better to carefully select the boiler manufacturer. Fangkuai Boiler has A-level boiler manufacturing qualification and first-level boiler installation qualification. It has focused on the research and development of steam boilers, coal-fired boilers, biomass boilers, oil-fired boilers and other boilers for more than 20 years. The boilers of large factories are guaranteed and the price is low. , Such as common biomass boilers, oil-fired boilers and other quotations, the factory sends directly with high quality and low price. The thermal efficiency is high, and the heating area is larger than that of general boiler manufacturers. Some common boiler problems can be avoided, and the cost of gas boilers is reduced, corresponding to the increase in the cost-effectiveness of boilers.