3 Ton Oil fired Boiler Distributor

2021 / Oct / Mon
3 Ton Oil fired Boiler's fuel can use petroleum, natural gas, LPG, LNG, CG, diesel, light oil, fuel oil and other fuels, and the structure is a wet back fire tube encapsulated tee. Mainly used in chemical, food and brewery, pharmaceutical, packaging plants, textile printing and dyeing industries, etc.

Fangkuai WNS series oil-fired steam boiler is a horizontal fast-installed internal combustion three-pass fire tube boiler. The bifurcated flue gas sequentially flushes the second and third-pass flue gas pipes, and then the exhaust chamber is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. The boiler is equipped with movable front and rear smoke box covers to facilitate boiler maintenance.

Advantages of Fangkuai WNS series oil-fired steam boiler:
1. The main body is a pot shell type full wet back type downstream three-pass firework tube structure. The flame burns in a large combustion chamber with slight positive pressure, fully extended, low combustion heat load, and low NOx emission.

2. The structure of corrugated hearth and threaded tube not only improves the strength, but also meets the needs of thermal expansion of each part.

3. The main welding seam adopts butt joints, and has passed X-ray and ultrasonic non-destructive testing to ensure that the welding quality meets the national requirements.

4. The boiler has large water and gas space and strong adaptability to load. The boiler installation design is reasonable, to ensure that the steam-water rate is less than 4%, to meet the higher requirements of users for boiler quality steam.

5. The use of new thermal insulation materials, light weight, less heat loss, and good thermal insulation performance.

6. The water level alarm adopts stainless steel as the electrode rod and Teflon as the insulating material. It is inserted from the top, which is not easy to hang dirt, reliable performance and long service life.

7. The front and rear cigarette cases are connected by hinges, which can be opened easily, which is convenient for maintenance.

Efficiency and quality are not limited to our boilers. Fangkuai's full integration produces the most efficient boiler solution in the world. Completely designed, engineered, manufactured, integrated and serviced by our team, our system does not have a single outsourced component to compromise compatibility or performance. If you are looking for the best quality boiler system with the lowest emissions and highest efficiency, then you are looking for Fangkuai.